With foresight and respect
We are a part of society and act in concert. It is in the nature of things that we consider the well-being of our generation and future generations in our decisions. We are prudent when selecting our vendors. Our focus lies in certified companies and long term delivery relations. Our own companies are MPS Florimark GTP (Good Trade Practice) certified. Especially important to us is the certification of the Polish production facilities which is a novelty in our industry. The  MPS Florimark GTP certificate implies not only a comprehensive quality management system, but fundamental social criterions , such as the compliance of recognized work and safety standards.

The tight and good working relationship with our employees is—independent from certification demands—a basic concern. Our products emerge through work and heart’s blood. A favourable work atmosphere and mutual respect are basic requirements to meet this aspiration. We know this and our employees feel it.

With the environmental plan, we created a set of regulations to keep the preservation and best possible protection of the environment ever-present.
It applies to the Kewes Floristik GmbH & Co. KG and both production facilities equally.