The Kewes Floristik GmbH & Co. KG produces and refines cut evergreens into our floral products. An additional operational branch of ours is our christmas tree trade in close cooperation with the direct producers.

Managing partner, Oliver Kewes has an enthusiasm for the floral business that stems from his childhood. His parents started a floral business in the Rhenish Elsdorf area of Germany and specialized in the production and distribution of memorial grave decorations, seasonal floral arrangements and Advent wreaths.
After he earned his degree in business administration, Oliver Kewes founded the company, Kewes Floristik GmbH & Co. KG in 2006. Kewes Floristik offers customized large quantity florals, which means just-in-time production of individualized products based on the sales order. Kewes Floristik has built up a solid client base and reputation with this concept with brand name retail businesses in Germany and throughout Europe.

Our Mission Statement

Reliability – We will meet agreed upon delivery schedules. The customer will receive what is paid for.

Security – Our products match all established security standards. We are inspected for it.

Style – Our workpieces are created by designers. We serve a palette which reaches from traditional to trendy.

Quality – We set great value upon immaculate workmanship. Therefore we obey strict quality guidelines.

Customer service – We develop our models in close contact with you. If you desire, you are designing with us.